Have you heard of Silver Economy?

Silver economy, also called the economy of the future, is that part of the global economy linked to the demographic change produced by the aging of the population, whose reach is focused on the needs and demands of the senior sector.

Did you know?

The senior segment is large, and growing. The aging trend is probably the only certain demographic trend in Western societies. The data that corroborates different studies at global level have similar projections:
“They indicate that in 2050 there will be 2 billion older people. 22% of the planet’s population will be older than 70 years. One million people reach the age of 60 each month, 80% of them in developing countries” (Juan Carlos Alcaide Silver Economy. Mayores de 65: el nuevo target).

This undoubtedly has and will have a great impact on the decisions that the business, political and social world will implement in the coming years.

How do you perceive the development of Silver economy in Chile?

Collaborating is the new way to connect

It is important to understand collaboration as a process of mutual benefit, regardless of the position in which we are professionally, there is always the opportunity for professional and personal growth.

Part of the virtues that a collaborative space generates is to understand that each party puts its trajectory, knowledge and networks at its disposal. And that undoubtedly has a very important collective value.

Let’s open ourselves to collaboration regardless of cost/benefits, to building bridges of help to create bonds that in the future will translate into a Win-Win situation.

In the future, no one knows who will be across the street.

By María Elena de la Sotta – INAC Chile

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