Data Analytics are reshaping Culture Measurement

If you’ve attempted to measure your company culture, you know it can be a bit like herding cats. You can send out surveys to collect feedback, but the results rarely reflect the actual culture. However, new methods of data analysis are reshaping the...

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The recruiting to come

Which are the key concepts for the recruiting of the future?Here are what seems to be the market trends in the sector – according to inputs collected by engaging with candidates, prospects and current customers. BE BRAVE – it is the ability to anticipate...

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Sustainability and Human Resources

In this ever changing World that we are now living in, and that is quickly evolving due to COVID-19 and climate change, sustainability is becoming increasingly more relevant and is more and more present in our lives. One cannot talk about human resources...

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Employer Branding: Leading with purpose

“When your personal purpose connects with the purpose of the company, everything makes sense” This quote from one of our candidates made us think even more about the reasons why someone accepts a job proposal… Is it the salary? The benefits? More...

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Have you heard of Silver Economy?

Silver economy, also called the economy of the future, is that part of the global economy linked to the demographic change produced by the aging of the population, whose reach is focused on the needs and demands of the senior sector. Did you know? The...

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It is all about creating a culture of trust

This article is for those who are seeking a human perspective on organizational processes. This value-based approach focuses on doing the right thing. What is doing the right thing? It seems quite simple: it is about establishing a sense of safety...

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From video interviews to blind recruitment

How the Corona virus shakes up the headhunting world. “Are you still kissing your partner? Of course! Are you still shaking hands with your candidates? Of course, not!” Since March 2020 recruitment has quickly turned to video interviews and home...

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