INAC Global Executive Search elects new President. New Advisory Board appointed.

The Hague, 17 May 2021 – We are excited to announce that Rui Borges has recently been re-elected as President of INAC Global Executive Search. This re-election had the unanimous support by our members.

For the network’s members, this is undoubtedly, the way forward. According to Jon Gordon, member of the Advisory Board of INAC Global: “During his initial three-year term, Rui has been the driving force and backbone of INAC. Under his leadership, INAC Global continues to flourish in a very positive, innovative and unique way. There is no doubt that he has the capability, the know-how and the necessary engagement to lead and develop new projects, and to grow the network’s presence even more”.

“It is with an immense joy that I received the news of my re-election. It is an honour that I’m very proud of and it also represents an increase in my responsibility and commitment to fulfil the high expectations of our members for the coming three years. One must be willing to take risks and be creative and I believe that INAC Global has grown considerably in the last 3 years – especially when facing a worldwide pandemic – which makes me very happy. Having the support of all the members is very gratifying and it shows that we are making the right choices and building a strong path towards success. There are many projects in store that will be developed over the course of our next mandate, and I’m sure that with the support and encouragement of the network, we will make great things happen!”, adds Rui Borges.

Alongside elections for a new president, INAC Global Executive Search also has new Advisory Board members. Jon Gordon (INAC USA) – who transitions from the former Advisory Board – is now joined by Ángeles Madrigal (INAC Mexico), Klemens Wersonig (INAC Austria) and René Johnson (INAC Australia).

Jon Gordon will continue to share his unique strategic thinking regarding global operations and industry trends and leading the network’s activities in North America. Ángeles Madrigal is undisputedly a strong leader for LATAM member firms and has built a strong professional reputation across the region, making her instrumental in the consolidation and growth of INAC Global’s Central and Southern American operations. Klemens Wersonig has a deep understanding of the different European cultures and idiosyncrasies of its countries, making him the right person to lead INAC Global Executive Search as it pursues its growth objectives across the region. And finally, René Johnson, the best ambassador INAC Global could have in Asia-Pacific. René has incomparable experience and in-depth knowledge of the region and its markets, making him an unparalleled advisor and a driving force with INAC’s APAC expansion strategy.

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