The recruiting to come

Which are the key concepts for the recruiting of the future?
Here are what seems to be the market trends in the sector – according to inputs collected by engaging with candidates, prospects and current customers.

BE BRAVE – it is the ability to anticipate and start the necessary Search & Selection processes right in the first months of the year, even if the uncertainty and changeability of the scenarios have not been exhausted. It clearly means taking risks, but it also means securing a competitive advantage over competitors. It’s important to be ready, to have the right people in the right place. Companies that already have managers on board capable of managing new uncertain contexts, of seizing new challenges and starting innovating projects will clearly have an edge.

VALUES IN ACTION – today more than ever, candidates are unwilling to accept a new job offer on the basis of job content, career prospects or salary alone. Candidates ask to be part of companies that have a clear value proposition, they want to know and take part in a corporate project that has a clear purpose, in which their contribution is evident. It is therefore important for those who manage the recruitment processes within companies, as well as consultants who work alongside them, to focus and describe in great detail the company’s mission and the meaning of its work, making it clear to candidates the values that the company embodies and its commitment in the social and sustainability fields.

LOOK FOR TALENT DIVERSITY – it’s time to change the paradigm linked to the concept of talent. We have often thought by cliché, linking talent to certain age requirements, educational qualifications, skills, etc. Today, more than ever, talent must also be sought in categories of people who, by age, culture, previous experience, qualification, do not necessarily fall within our traditional stereotype of talent, but who, precisely for this reason, can offer the company new skills, new approaches to solving problems, a new vision of business and life in general. It is a question of starting from the person and his or her value, reasoning from the point of view of “candidate centricity”. All this will probably require the use of more sophisticated assessment tools and methods in the Search & Selection phase, to attract attitudes, skills, motivational profiles and general characteristics of the candidates.

TAKE CARE OF ONBOARDING – it becomes even more crucial and complex to dedicate time and energy to the onboarding processes of new resources. For many new hires, the first approach to the new company will take place remotely, with no or little opportunity to attend company spaces without physical contact with the company managers. It will therefore be necessary to find new ways to transmit to the newcomer not only objective information regarding the company, business processes, regulations, but also the values, culture, job goals, company “style”, succeeding in making the newcomer feel part of a project, developing a sense of belonging, even at a distance.

BE AGILE – we already knew it, but now we have experienced it ourselves: everything can change in a week or a month, what was taken for granted ten days ago, today may no longer be. In recruitment processes it is therefore important to be able to continuously review objectives and contents, knowing how to modify and adapt them according to events and changes. This is, above all, true for consultants who must work even more closely with company interlocutors, in order to be ready to update and adapt the target and respond to new needs, and also knowing how to convey to the company what they are able to capture from the market and from candidates, so as to offer the client valuable contextual information that can be used to understand and manage the changes that are taking place.

By Tania Terrazzani – INAC Italy

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